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Self-service,convenient,high-efficinet---WECHAT Auto pay solution

- Mar 09, 2018 -

On September 19, 2017, WeChat pay was implemented in the north district of guomao parking lot.By increasing the payment method, it is convenient for customers to pay parking fees on the self-service way before driving away.Simplify the payment process of departure, alleviate the problem of long queuing time, the payment way can realize quick departure, and provide a more convenient and humanized parking experience for the customers.
International trade in the south, and north three underground parking lot all realize the automatic license plate recognition system at the end of march this year , the use of the ANPR system laid a good foundation for auto pay parking fees via WECHAT .When the guest is ready to leave, they just need to open Wechat and scan the QR code on the wall, input the license plate number. , Wechat interface will show vehicle entry time, parking time and parking fees. Then the guest clike "WeChat payment" to pay the parking fee. It will takes only 10s the whole payment process.Compared with the previous cash payment, the average cost of 35s per car is much faster, which effectively improves the speed and flow of the vehicles and saves the waiting time of the guests.
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