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Setting up Scenarios

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Mode I

The use of close-range card (read card for 5 15cm) to achieve vehicle tolls;

Read card after the automatic opening of the gate line;

Relatively small input, easy to use.

Mode two

The use of remote, close-distance card reader combination;

Residential owners (monthly or long-term card) vehicles using long-distance card in and out, the distance can be selected in 3 30 meter reading head, long distance reading and writing is divided into Shan Bluetooth card, read card distance in $number meter range, Shan label card, read card distance in $number meters range, Shan digital active card, read card distance in $number meters range, vehicles in the residential area to allow the speed of automatic reading card release;

Convenient, fast and easy to use, but the investment is relatively high.

Mode three

The combination of near-distance reading card and license plate automatic recognition;

Residential owners (monthly or long-term card) vehicle license plate Automatic identification and access, when the vehicle in and out of the community, in the access lane to maintain 5 km speed, the system can automatically identify license plate release;

Required to enter and exit the district more straight, longer, and the lane need to have rain shelter and night light brighter, and card combination of use, safe, convenient, fast, but relatively high input.

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