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Several intelligent aspects of parking lot management system

- Jun 13, 2017 -

First of all, the parking lot management system to make the car park entrance management and become more intelligent than before, the traditional manual card-taking method can not meet the current demand for parking, the Intelligent license Plate Recognition system eliminates the steps of people to stop and take the card, through the capture of the vehicle license plate number, the automatic opening of the gate, the entrance of the parking lot eliminates the Personnel management card work, let the entrance realize unmanned management.

Secondly, in the parking payment stage also gradually toward the trend of unmanned development, artificial charging process complex, easy to appear fund management loophole, and now the micro-letter payment into the parking lot to pay a trend, people open the micro-letter operation interface, click on the payment, to be paid successfully after the car car parking lot, the entire parking process owner can complete their own, and compared with the traditional manual management of parking lots, will save a lot of downtime.

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