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Smart car park management system features

- Oct 09, 2017 -

Smart car park management system can choose the long range reader or close range reader. When choosing the long range reader, it can reach as far as 2.5 meters with the in-car active card. You can choose according to the user's actual needs.


Regular card management : Fixed customer usually uses regular card with a valid period. In the valid period, fixed customer can be free access to the parking lot. The information of regular card is involved in card number, plate number, valid time etc. Normally, fixed user with regular card pay for parking monthly. When the card is expired, the screen will display the card has expired and please apply for renewal and payment.

Automatically switch video that enter and exit without conflict. All the photos of the vehicles are in computer's hard disk, which can be checked later. Each picture has time to record and check conveniently.


Real-time monitor function: Can monitor the access vehicles and all the other situation. Support permanent card or temporary card and automatically recognize to store.


Anti-hit vehicle function: When the vehicle is under the barrier gate, loop detector detects the  presence of vehicle and the barrier gate won’t fall down until the vehicle is all away from it.


Support offline operation: the parking system can work normally although the network interrupts or PC failure.


Manually control function: can work normally when power off.


Automatically system maintenance: automatic ally data update and check reset.


Support LAN communication port by parking lot controller: Multiple access to the network can be implemented. It need to install LAN network server and communication server when connected to the network.


Support Wiegand26Wiegand27 Wiegand32 reader format and automatic detection input.


Support 5000 users and editable users detailed information.


Various event query function and provide picture and time query with camera shooting.


Sophisticated report function: it can generate various reports and provide multi-function data search.


With the automatic protection of delay, over voltage and under voltage.

Wiicontrol Information Technology Co. , Ltd
Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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