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Smart Parking Development Trend

- May 09, 2018 -

The parking lot management system equipment has a wide range of applications, such as large-scale or super-large commercial toll parking lots (airports, sports stadiums, exhibition centers), small and medium-sized commercial toll parking lots (hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, theater facilities), community parking lots, etc. There are corresponding applications, and different parking lots have different requirements for system software and hardware. The traditional car park management system only solves the problem of entrance and exit control. It does not have the functions of parking guidance, car search, and quick entry and exit within the parking lot. It also has a single payment method, low manual management efficiency, and the existence of a fee collection. Problems such as fee-based loopholes, not to mention the overall system integration and resource optimization of parking lots. The development trend of smart parking has the following aspects:

1. The parking lot realizes networked sharing of data, breaks down islands of information, and builds a smart parking IoT platform to achieve functions such as parking induction, parking space reservation, electronic self-service payment, and quick access.

2. The parking guidance, parking guidance, and reverse car search system are rapidly gaining popularity. The parking lots currently under construction are getting larger and larger, and there are often more than a few thousand parking spaces. Such a large parking lot is guided by people if there is no guidance and car search system. It is a disaster for managers and customers.

3. The unmanned service is gradually popularized. Due to the rapid increase in labor costs, the requirements for the level of automation of parking lots will be higher and higher, and management personnel will gradually reduce until unmanned services are realized.

4. The mobile phone realizes functions such as parking space reservation, parking payment, and car find.

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