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- Jun 13, 2017 -

Standard type both fixed vehicle parking, and temporary vehicle parking, according to parking vehicles, models and other vehicles on the charges, can choose the standard parking Intelligent Parking Intelligent Management System

Simple Simple car park Intelligent Management System can meet the customer's easy, economical access control management.

Non-stop car traffic Traffic parking lot intelligent Management System no need to stop card, long-distance RF read card can be directly non-stop traffic.

Central charges for large, temporary traffic volume is very large, car park has a special charge of the car park, can choose the central toll-free parking system.

Wiring-free system for wiring is difficult or complex, application is relatively simple, can be used to avoid wiring car park system

Communication mode control machine has TCP/IP, RS485 and other ways to read cards

Read card mode can be matched with ID, IC, HID, long-distance and many other ways of reading cards.

Chassis control chassis has a variety of options to meet different application requirements and environment

Complex car park management can be a good solution to large, many access, the entrance distance is very far, large sets of small, a variety of charging methods of very complex car park management.

Traffic light control system for import and export vehicles are a lanes of the situation, especially the corners, in order to prevent the collision of vehicular access, the use of traffic lights control system.

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