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Speed ​​limit requirements and meeting points for parking toll stations

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Parking toll stations should mainly pay attention to deceleration in advance through their ETC lanes. Under normal circumstances, the speed limit is 20 kilometers. Most of the owners will barely fall below the speed limit before lifting the pole. This is very dangerous. Once the equipment fails, there is a possibility of an accident. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed limit and decelerate in advance when entering the ETC lane.

Parking toll stations are not allowed to change lanes to a certain extent. Some owners will find other tolls to pass faster when they approach the toll gates, so they will change lanes arbitrarily. This is a very dangerous behavior. The speed of the vehicle that was driven in before is very fast, and it is easy to collide. So if you enter the real line, you should not change your course.

Parking toll stations do not stop at random, mainly because toll stations are a lot of self-driving passengers are the preferred meeting point, so I like to park here to wait for friends, in fact, this is forbidden, the strict place may face fine. When you enter the toll booth and wait for the payment, you can't untie the seat belt. This is a problem that some drivers are accustomed to. As long as the vehicle is not stopped, the driver cannot unlock the seat belt.

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