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System Configuration

- Jun 13, 2017 -

In the yard management, the accuracy of the system configuration is more important. Apply the principle.

When the network cable length is more than 100 meters, but not more than 200 meters, you can add a repeater or hub amplification signal, such as data transmission is large, and the distance is far, it is recommended to use fiber optic connection.

Based on the contactless ID card parking management system, the system of image capturing and recognition system and Chinese character synchronization system is configured, Chinese character display system shows "monthly rental card effective," "This card is invalid", "Residual parking space xxx" and other information, image capture system to complete the vehicle in and out of the image of the automatic capture contrast, with the Chinese character display system of the voice system, in the car into and out of the prompts.

Parking System ID card and other subsystems of building intelligence such as: Access control system, catering system constitute "one card"

The car park ID card can be parked and open, catering.

The system has an open interface and upward upgrade, that is, the parking fee system can be operated separately and with the surrounding other parking lots connected to the use of data sharing.

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