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Taiwan HSR station establishes a Parking Guidance System in 2018

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Parkxper has built a smart Car Park in Taoyuan High Speed Rail Station, in early 2018. Taoyuan HSR, located in taoyuan city, Taiwan, is an important traffic hub to Taiwan International Airport. There are about one million of passengers every year in the station.

The operators are looking for a car parking management solution to maintain the traffic flow, improve environment security and provide a passenger-friendly rail station. 900 parking spaces have been upgraded by Parkxper, this refurbishment smoothed the flow of vehicles and travelers.

Parkxper parking solution is used in the station. About 250 waterproof camera indicators are placed above 900 parking spaces. License Plate Recognition technology can detect the parking space stably . No matter the indicators are installed in indoor or outdoor, the accuracy is high and precise.

Taoyuan HSR claimed that this quick and easy parking service is helpful for passengers to save time and strength .Another way, the function of real-time images and analysis greatly optimized the car parking management for its operators.
Parking Guidance System.png

Car parking Counting and guidance system is because more and more popular and will be chosen by more operators , it’s the tendency.

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