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Temporary vehicle in car parking system

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Car Parking System is to manage the access situation of parking lot. This car parking system can improves parking lot management under these functions: vehicles and automatic control, automatic license plate recognition, automatic pay station, record the real-time monitoring and others.

The car parking system can be configured flexibly according to the actual situation. This car parking system uses IC card as the charging method, smart ticket dispenser, card reader and other facilities to realize the basic management of parking charging. To some degree, car parking system also has the function of vehicle safety protection. So it is suitable for high-grade places or large parking lot of a fully functional configuration. In addition to the basic function of the configuration, the car parking system also implements the long-distance identification, license plate recognition, access control and other special functions. And then, what are components about the car parking system? The car parking system consists of two parts: one is parking access management and the other is parking internal area management.

Parking access management as the basic management part of car parking system. It is the part to manage the rights and charges of vehicle access to parking. The parking access management of car parking system is includes access controller, wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector, entry/exit station, image contrast and so on.

For temporary vehicle entry, when they are at the entrance of parking lot and through the loop detector. After detecting the vehicle, the owner can take a ticket from the ticket dispenser. At the same time, the camera will capture vehicle image and barrier gate opens to let vehicle drive into the parking lot. Meanwhile the vehicle information will be recorded such as entry time. After vehicle through the loop detector, barrier gate will close. Finally the owner drives into parking lot.

For temporary vehicle leave, the temporary vehicle needs to pay before leave. In the parking lot, it ca be equipped with 0-255 pay station. If the parking lot takes manual cashier, the temporary user can submit the ticket (taken from entry station) to the cashier and pay according to the display. If the parking lot takes central pay station, the temporary user only scan the ticket and the screen will show you how much you need to pay. After payment, the owner need to validate the ticket in the exit station and then owner leaves the parking lot.

Wiicontrol Information Technology Co. , Ltd
Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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