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The advantages of WIIPARKING brand parking management system

- May 07, 2018 -

I. Good quality of equipment. The service life is generally about 10 years.

II.Stable system performance. The parking lot is profitable by the time it takes to sell the parking space. It cannot use the inventory of traditional commodities for financial accounting. Therefore, the stability of the parking system determines the stability of income.

III. Diversification of paying parking fee. At present, there are 2 types, pay on exit and pay on foot. Pay on foot can be further divided into manual central pay and central auto pay.

IV. Detailed report system. In addition to the basic financial statements, there are many data analysis reports that assist in parking management. For example, the hourly/day/month vehicle entry/exit flow report can help the staff of the parking lot management to clearly understand the daily and monthly peak hours, so that the staff can be reasonably and effectively arranged to improve the service of the parking lot. The analysis report of vehicle parking time can provide time data for most of the parkers, providing data support for the decision-making of the marketing department.

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