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The application prospect of smart car parking management system

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Under the increasing of vehicle in the city, it’s necessary to strengthen the parking lot construction. It will attract more investment funds if introducing the preferential policies for parking lot construction. As one of the solutions to the parking difficulty, smart car parking management system is bound to usher in business opportunities.

With the rapid development of urbanization, the problems of urban traffic congestion and parking problems are becoming more prominent. In order to solve the parking problem, it is critical to control the number of vehicles and increase the parking spaces. And why is smart car parking management system critical?

1. Ensure the parking operation revenue

There are many defects in the traditional manual cash charging model. On the one hand, there is a large amount of work intensity and low efficiency. On the other hand, it is easy to cause loopholes or cash losses on the financial. In contrast, the smart car parking management system adopts the computer fee, and each transaction is verified, counted and recorded by the computer, which avoids the occurrence of operation mistakes or cheating.

2. Ensure vehicles safety in parking lot

Traditional management system causes a series of problems in daily application especially safety. For example, traditional management system can’t ensure the safety of vehicles. Manually allocating cards in traditional system may lead to the situation occurrence of omission or lack records and lost vehicle. It brings many inconveniences to parking operation. However, smart car parking management system can automatically record situation of every lane. And it also has the function of image capture and contrast. To protect the vehicle safety, it compares the access information.

3. Effectively solve the access congestion problem

At present, smart car parking management system is managed mainly through three forms: ANPR system, card system and ticket system. All these forms can achieve rapidly access and effectively solves the access congestion problem. If the parking lot takes card or ticket system, the owner can take ticket or card in the entry station. Before leaving, they only need to pay for charge on pay station or manual cashier. However, ANPR system is more convenient. For regular users, they can enter into  or leave the parking lot without stop. For temporary users, they only pay before leaving. This system is not to take card or ticket so it greatly reduces the time that the car owner stops at the access to the car park.

4. Improve parking lot utilization rate

Parking guidance system is an important technology in the smart car parking management system. It’s a smart car parking management system which is used to guide vehicle parking. This technology is to install detector in each space to obtain the empty space information and provide space information by data processing to owner. Parking guidance system can help owners quickly to find parking space, reserved space, and quickly find a car. That means smart car parking management system improve customer satisfaction to shape a good image of the parking lot.

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Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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