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The Characteristics of The Parking Revenue Control System

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Parking control systems, its literal understanding, is a kind of system, and is a kind of control system, and it is mainly used in the parking and charging, therefore, it is of certain practical. So, what should we know about this control system? Below, we will carry on this kind of knowledge elaboration that to let everybody have the preliminary understanding.

Parking revenue control system, the simple explanation is: through computer, network equipment, and lane management equipment, thus forming a complete system, and to realize the effective management of access control and parking charge. So as to improve the working efficiency,and realize a good combination of static and dynamic management model.

1. what are the characteristics of the parking revenue control system? At present, what are the new technologies?
Parking revenue control system, itself has some notable characteristics, for example, in the charging system, you can use advanced technology, and realize easy,safe and reliable operation . In addition, it is easy to maintain. In this way, labor costs can be reduced and economic benefits can be increased.

Parking revenue control system can adopt new technology. Currently, mainly have following technology: license plate recognition technology, parking guidance system, and parking management system.

2.How to treat separately on monthly parking and temporary parking?

There are different control methods to monthly parking and temporary parking,

For monthly parking, you can use the mid-distance contactless card, support a certain distance (usually 50 to 80 cm), that to correctly identify. Also, the card can be used on the access control system. For temporary parking, through temporary card which is issued automatically from entry card dispenser, system can record the entry&exit time and charge automatically to avoid mistake.

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