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The correct way of using barrier gate in the parking system

- Apr 02, 2018 -

The boom barrier gate is a part of the parking lot system. It plays a role as a vehicle and a block in the parking lot.  If used improperly, it will not only cause after-sales problems, but also affect the life of boom barriers.

At present, there are many types of barriers on the market. Straight gates, fence gates, curved gates, and nowadays more popular advertising barriers, these barriers are made of 304 stainless steel, with the characteristics of rust proof and durable, but it is recommended that the purchaser still periodically cleans its appearance, removes rust spots, and regularly applies anti-rust oil to prevent the rust-proof effect of the surface from being damaged.

Second, the most important part of the barrier gate is the core, it is the heart part of the core, so it must be maintained, cut off the power for the cleaning of the surface dust, the transmission part of the gas lubrication treatment, check whether the screws of the fastening parts are loose, check the wear of the worn zero parts, change the wear degree more than the required requirements, check the positioning arm and the fixed arm. If there is more than 3mm clearance, if necessary, replace it in time.

Finally, check the circuit part of the gate, check whether there is any problem in the electric control part, whether the wire is aging or not, check the parameters according to the instructions. If there are any problems, find the root of the problem and replace the electronic components.
With the increasing number of cars, the demand for boom barrier gate becomes more and more large, and the barrier gate plays a very important role in the parking system. Once the boom gate can not work normally, the whole parking system can not operate normally. So the regular maintenance of the parking lot can prolong the service life of the parking system.

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