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The detailed requirements of barrier gate

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Barrier gate is not only equipment but also a parking system which is used to manage the vehicle. To some degree, it reduces the human workload and this system can be easily used. No matter it is temporary vehicle or monthly vehicle, the barrier gate system can quickly distinguish them. It is to provide the market with service of high quality, efficient and safe.

The specific functions is as below:

1. Computer management system 

This system is the core of barrier gate in the parking management system and its components are computer, printer, communication line and management software. This system is to validate IC card, manage monthly card and control the signal reception and transmission. Parking time and fee are also the parkers concern. But this system can help the parkers solve this worry. In order to ensure the vehicle safety, this system can capture the vehicle image to compare. Data statistics and print the report can help the parking operator to control the operation of whole parking lot. Besides, barrier gate also has other functions to manage the vehicle better.

2. Access control functions

  This is the basic functions of each barrier gate system. Meanwhile, its the core and main component of the entrance.

3. Entry station

In traditional way, the kiosk staff will allocate the ticket or card to vehicle owner. This traditional way is inconvenient for parking operation. In order to manage the vehicle better, parking lot introduces entry station. Temporary user can enter into the parking lot by pressing button to take a ticket or card. This system strictly abides by the principle of one car one ticket. If there is no vehicle, you can’t take the ticket or card. The entry station finished reading card while dispensing card. It will automatically take back if don’t take the card in timely. There are some customers want to the exit station with the function of recycling card. It’s easy to add this optional function of swallowing card.

4. Auto reversing function

Barrier gate system is to take round foaming arm complete protect and this design has solved the vehicle be damaged by hitting. And the sensibility of reversing on obstacle is adjustable. If the vehicle is under the barrier gate, the arm won’t be down. Although the arm is down, when the arm hit vehicle, it will automatically reverse to protect vehicle. At the same time, barrier gate can combine with pressure wave safety device to realize dual vehicle protection.

5. Image capture contrast function

At the entrance, installing a camera to realize the image contrast function. When the vehicle drives arrive at the entrance of parking lot, the camera will automatically capture the vehicle image and send back to server with the vehicle information. When out, the system will compare the vehicle with the entrance image in order to keep the vehicle safety.

6. Lightning protection function

In order to keep the normal work, the lighting protection can prevent and reduce the equipment damage caused by the lighting power supply lines and signal line.

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