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The function and verification principle of parking exit ticket validator

- Apr 20, 2018 -

With the progress and development of society, there are more and more vehicles in the city. In order to solve the traffic congestion caused by the increase of vehicles in the city, the intelligent parking management system has been widely used, which can not only effectively solve chaos The traffic caused by the disorder is chaotic, and it can promote the regularization of transportation facilities. The parking ticket ticket validator is used for the management and verification of the parking lot in the process of ticket issuing and ticket checking.


This parking exit ticket validator adopts barcode paper ticket for data recording, one card for one ticket, and adopts a system constructed by a ticket issuing control terminal, a remote control center and a ticket checking control end, and uses red light to scan barcode paper tickets. The verification of the bills achieves the goal of cost savings.


When the first impression of the ticket issuing control terminal of the parking exit ticket validator detects that the vehicle enters, it applies for a ticket number to the remote control center, executes the printing and ticketing of the barcode ticket through the thermal printing unit, and opens the entrance barrier and controls the ticket issuing. The second sense of the end detects that the vehicle enters the garage, and the entrance barrier module sends an inter-track position signal in a horizontal or nearly horizontal state to the ticket issuing control module of the ticket issuing control end, and the system completes ticketing.


When the vehicle enters the exit, the printed ticket is placed in the ticket checking unit of the ticket control terminal of the parking exit ticket validator to read the ticket, and the system sends the read data to the remote control center for verification. After the verification is passed, the remote control center processes the bill data passed by the verification to calculate the parking time and the amount to be paid. After waiting for the user to pay, the command is sent to the ticket control terminal to open the exit lane and the vehicle exits. PARKING LOT.


When the car parking ticket validator motor rotates forward beyond the specified time, it means that the verification fails. Then the ticket control module of the parking ticket verification device will control the motor to stop and the ticket will be withdrawn so as to complete the verification of the parking ticket.

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