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The functions of intelligent parking management system

- Oct 02, 2017 -

Access control

VIP customers non-stop pass: equipped with special vehicle card to realize access without stop.


Temporary vehicle access management: For temporary vehicles to provide multiple recognition mode. ANPR system, advance booking for temporary users, automatically issue cards to temporary users and manually allocate visitor cards to temporary users is optional.


Information display, voice prompt: Supply the related information to owners in the LED screen and voice player.


Automatically charge: Automatically calculate the parking time and charge based on parking standard. For temporary vehicle to take manual pay station. And for the VIP users to deduct the parking fee from the card.


Smart parking spaces management

Monitor parking spaces: To monitor the occupancy of each parking space in real time and publish the information of rest parking spaces.


VIP vehicle exclusive spaces: Smart parking lock developed by RFID technology to control the occupied parking spaces phenomenon of exotic vehicle. When the VIP customer is near the exclusive parking spaces, parking lock will fall down. When the VIP customer leaves, the parking spaces will automatically rise.


Vehicle rental management: The parking lot is sold or rental in accordance with the standard charging system of the proprietary parking space, which provides the parking period query, the expiration reminder function, the regional division management, and realizes the intelligent and efficient management of the sales of parking Spaces.


Parking in staggered time: Realize the sharing of parking spaces in cross-region, improve parking availability, reduce the cost of parking spaces, and realize parking space sharing in different time. 

Wiicontrol Information Technology Co. , Ltd

Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.






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