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The future development direction of intelligent parking management system

- Mar 12, 2018 -

In recent years, many people have their own car, but in the city, the increase No. of privite cars bring out the traffic congestion and parking difficulty, it's too difficult to find a parking space. Under such condition, the intelligent parking lot management industry began to heat up, the emergence of intelligent parking management system greatly alleviate the parking problem.

Intelligent parking solution can help people to solve kinds of pakring problems such as slow traffic speed,difficult to parking and find the car, single payment methods , so  which direction will be for the intelligent parking system in the future development of   I. Data sharing and networking.
The parking lot realizes the network sharing data, breaks the information island, constructs the intelligent parking Internet platform, realizes the functions of parking guidance, parking reservation, electronic self-service payment, and fast access.

II. Intelligent park and take the car.
With Parking guidance system and reverse vehicles search system rapid popularization, the size of the parking lot becomes larger and larger, always with more than thousands of parking spaces, it will be a disaster for drivers and the managors if there is no vehicle guidance and reverser system in the such large parking lot .

The future development direction of intelligent parking management system.jpg

III.  Unmanned management
Unmanned management is becoming more and more popular, According to the foreign development experience, the automatization of the parking lot will be more and more high, and the management personnel are gradually reduced until the unmanned service is realized.

IV.  Mobile phones pay for parking.
Mobile phones will finish the functions of the car parking reservation, pay, search functions, mobile Internet users has exceeded the fixed Internet users, so these applications in the parking lot will spread quickly.

V. The stereo garage becomes the mainstream.
Stereo garage will be increase appropriately, reference to the experience of European and American countries, three-dimensional garage will be rapid development because of the advantages of less land, high efficiency, in and out of of the convenient.

Nowadays, the development of intelligent parking lot in China began in earnest, overall rising trend of development, believe in the future intelligent parking lot system will be fully solve the parking problem, realize intelligent traffic.

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