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The main design features of parking ticket dispenser machine

- Apr 18, 2018 -

In order to facilitate the management of the vehicles, indoor or outdoor parking lots can be found everywhere in the city, and they usually adopt an intelligent management model. Use automated equipment to increase the efficiency of vehicle management and charge a fee. Parking ticket dispenser machines are an important part of the entire system.


Regardless of whether it is from the perspective of the manager or the user, the use of the parking ticket ticketing machine greatly enhances the convenience because it mainly provides high-performance, high-stability self-service ticket collection for unlicensed vehicles entering the parking management system. service.


Since the parking ticket dispenser machine can be networked and can work independently offline, the ticket issuing machine can print paper tickets with admission time even if it is disconnected from the network, without affecting the normal use and scientification of the parking lot. Management, reducing unnecessary trouble.


Parking ticket dispenser machine built-in ultra-bright LCD display, can display control information and prompt information, can also be loaded in the idle state advertisement broadcast; when the machine is abnormal, you can contact the administrator through the video intercom to seek help.


Parking ticket dispenser machine built-in real-time voice prompts, the owner of the button after the paper ticket, automatic control Daozha open. In addition, the full digital voice intercom function is not limited by the distance. It can connect to the control host through Ethernet. When an abnormality occurs, it can be remotely called, and remote control can be used to open the gate.


In addition, the thickness of printing paper in the parking ticket ticket issuing machine can be selected according to customer needs, thermal paper thickness of 70-120g thickness, special bar code paper roll, 70g printing paper can print about 2000 sheets/roll, 120g printing paper can print about 1200 Zhang/Volume.

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