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The network of Things in the intelligent Community parking platform

- Jun 13, 2017 -

1. Community private as a shared possibility

Suppose a city a B two groups of working groups, in the residence has a private car, a group of people live in area B work, B group live in area a areas in a region to work, off hours, a B group of private cars parked in their respective parking spaces. But in the office hours, their parking spaces are free, and the car has flocked to the office area of public parking spaces, it is conceivable that the public parking resources in the office hours will be overcrowded, and off-duty hours idle. If the intelligent community platform, convenient for a, b two areas of free parking space to share, can solve the problem of public parking congestion, improve the utilization rate of private cars, but also for private cars to bring economic income, two birds.

2. App Usage

Parking apps are integrated with community apps in the smart community, sharing resources online and trading offline, as with many mobile apps. Its vitality lies in large data, while the large data is the registration letter of the supply and demand user. The smart Parking app uses a powerful data background, combined with positioning and mapping techniques, to sort the free parking spaces and parking spaces that have been shared near the smart recommendations in a far manner and guided parking by parking navigation. In addition, app support UnionPay card, micro-letter, Alipay and other payment tools, the opening of small-scale free payment function, you can achieve automatic deduction fee, no parking payment can be left.


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