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The origin of the bar and tube straightening machine and the main structure of the work roll

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Bar and tube straightening machine is a straightening device for straightening tubes or rods. From the structural classification, can be divided into pressure straightening machine, roller straightening machine, pipe rod straightening machine, stretching straightening machine and stretching bending straightening machine these five.

Straightening machine under the work roll structure

(1) change the line

Can be achieved without hoisting automatic pay-off, if it is to straighten the bar, then make sure the bar in the straightening process have enough tension, as well as a certain margin in length.

(2) pre-tune

Bar and tube straightening machine, the main working parts, is five straightening wheel, in order to eliminate the stress in the material. And, through the line guide sleeve device, to achieve other purposes. In addition, the structure, mainly including the stress wheel, shelves and so on.

(3) Straightening tube

Mainly rely on the curve straightening wheel, coupled with adjustable straight tube, to complete the elimination of material stress and let the material continue to move forward. In addition, the straightness of the material is adjusted by adjusting the forward and reverse of the straightening wheel bracket.

(4) traction feed

Mainly there are active feed boxes and passive feed boxes these two, usually for a set. Active feed on the box, is by feeding the feed wheel to complete the feeding, and behind the sprocket and the chain, so that you can drive the passive box to complete the feeding work. However, in some pipe straightener models, if not necessary, you can not set passive feed box.

(5) cut off and rack

Bar and tube straightening machine cut off, its components, there is a gear pump, solenoid valve, relief valve, manifold, mobile trolley, balance rail, high pressure fuel pipe, and fuel tanks and so on. And these are all important components, therefore, are indispensable.

The main function of the tube straightener's straightening machine is to cut the material through the loop so that when the material is close to the switch the signal is sent to the counter which in turn causes the counter to count. When the counter is powered off, it will cut off the system running circuit, and then the motor will stop automatically and the straightening machine will stop working.

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