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The purpose of the parking autopay machine and its own function

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Since the parking management has been achieved automation and intelligent, then the parking autopay machine will certainly make the system more perfect, people will be more convenient to pay parking. And with this parking autopay machine, the parking lot of the entrance is no longer need to set up a fee, reducing the cost of a lot of staff.
Parking fees in the past are collected by manual, but since the set up a parking autopay machine, the owner can stop on the parking automatic payment machine self-help to pay parking fees, pay the car after the departure fee, the export owner will Card inserted into the temporary card slot, the barrier will automatically rise, the vehicle can leave, greatly reducing the time and improve efficiency.

Parking autopay machine.jpg

This parking autopay machine can not only accept banknotes, coins, etc., can also change the notes, coins; print receipts or invoices; also provides voice broadcast function, so that the entire operation process more easy to understand. After the measured, the entire transaction time is 20-40 seconds, shorter than the time of manual charges.
It is worth mentioning that the parking autopay machine has the function of identifying counterfeit money, can identify the authenticity of the market notes, and the function is very reliable. In the day-to-day management, people only need to change the cash box in the empty or full of the parking pusher, usually in principle, every morning to work and work at night to do a replenishment and replacement on it.
In addition, the parking autopay machine management center software can also have alarm reminders, once the money box is empty or full time, will alarm, by the management staff to deal with in a timely manner. From the perspective of parking management, the use of parking automatic teller does give the owner a great deal of convenience, greatly reducing the parking lot during the peak of the pressure.

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