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The role of the three major components of the parking system and the control host installation requirements

- Jun 06, 2018 -

From the point of view of the structure, usually the parking lot system is composed of three major parts: the management center, entrance equipment and export equipment. The management and control center is composed of high-performance industrial control computers, printers, and parking lot system management software. The management and control center is responsible for processing the information collected by the import and export equipment, processing the information, and controlling peripheral equipment.


Moreover, in the process of working in the parking lot system, it is also necessary to analyze and process the information through its management center for use by the management department. Usually the interface converters used in this part are generally 485 conversion cards, TCP/IP hubs, fiber converters, and parking lot card authorizers. The imported equipment is composed of an image capture system, intelligent fill light, barrier gates, parking entrance and exit control machines, vehicle detectors, automatic card issuance systems, and long-distance card reading equipment.


This part also plays an important role in the parking lot system. Its main task is to conduct automatic identification, identity verification and automatic landing barriers for internal vehicles entering the parking lot. Issue cards to foreign vehicles, capture the record's entry time, vehicle information, and automatically pick up the barriers.


The export equipment in the parking lot system is mainly composed of an image capture system, intelligent fill light, barrier gates, parking entrance and exit controllers, vehicle detectors, long-distance card reading equipment, and temporary metering devices. The main function is to automatically identify and verify the internal vehicles leaving the parking lot, verify their identity, and automatically switch off the gates; billing for incoming vehicles and automatic gate lifts after charges are collected.


It should be noted that in order to ensure the performance of the parking system, it is necessary to determine the position of the control host reasonably during installation. As we all know, the control host is the core control unit of the entire parking lot system. If a parking lot is located near the entrance to the parking lot, it will be placed in the post, but vice versa. However, the control host must not exceed 200 meters from the entrance and exit card reading equipment.


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