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The smart parking solutions of campus

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Why the campus need smart parking solutions ? With the rapid economic development, the campus open is getting closer and closer with the society. Meanwhile, more and more society vehicle enters into the campus but leads to the shortage of parking spaces and traffic problems such as ineligible parking. These traffic problems break the campus quiet and harmonious atmosphere. Therefore, static traffic planning is an urgent task for the current campus construction and its an important guarantee for the harmonious development of universities. Nowadays, more and more campus takes smart parking solutions such as barrier gate installation. The barrier gate of smart parking solutions is used to limit the exotic vehicle entry. The campus should pay more station on these management equipment and parking needs.

And what’s the features of campus parking ? According to the survey, there are three groups of people who often come to the campus. First group is the people who has the destination to come to campus. It’s mainly included teacher, staff, attending the school meeting and other people. Second group is who use the campus as a passageway. This situation commonly happen if the campus is in urban area. The third and final group is the people whose destination is the office building, shopping mall around the campus. They usually park in the campus because of its free parking or cheaper parking.

Considering the campus traffic safety, more and more campus takes the smart parking solutions to better manage campus parking. There are two right methods of smart parking solutions to help campus create more harmonious environment. First method of smart parking solutions is to take the ticket system. It’s usually to set up entry station at the entrance and exit station at the exit. When the vehicle comes into the campus, the owner needs to take a ticket or tap card and then barrier gate opens. The owner can enter into the campus to start their work. When they want to leave, only payment, they can validate the ticket or card to let the barrier up open and the owner can leave to enjoy your their other journey. To some degree, this type of smart parking solutions is helpful to reduce the human cost and dispute. And another method of smart parking solutions is long-range reader. Because the campus allows the regular vehicle to enter in most time, this situation is very suitable for using long-range reader. This smart parking solutions can solve the speed of vehicle access to increase the vehicle flow at its peak. At present, long-range reader is covered in RFID (electronic tag), Bluetooth recognition, ANPR system and others.

The above smart parking solutions is to solve the pressure of entrance and exit. And then how about payment? Smart parking solutions can also help campus solve this problem. If the parker is regular user, they can take the card which needs to recharge in the management center. But if the parker is just temporary user, they need to insert the ticket to pay the fee that is displayed on the pay station screen. The auto pay station reduces the human cost and its report can help the parking operator know better about the parking revenue.

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