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The Technological Race to Find You a Place to Parking

- Dec 28, 2017 -


Apps can predict where on- and off-street spaces will be available, direct drivers to them, reserve a space and let drivers pay for the spot through a smartphone. CreditChristopher Lee for The New York Times.

One of the few things more frustrating than driving in a big congested city is searching for a parking spot so that you can stop driving. it's normally that on-street parking spaces are reoccupied just moments after the last motorist pulled out.

Technology has already started to solve the problem of squeezing into a parking space, with automatic parking features taking the pain out of parallel parking. Now it is trying to solve the other headache: finding a parking spot in the first place.

Plenty of apps can predict where on- and off-street spaces will be available, direct you to them, book a parking space and pay for the parking spot through your smartphone. And manufacturers are beginning to add those capabilities to their vehicles’ navigation screens. BMW is one of the first to do so, it is making the functionality of the Parkmobile app available through the navigation system on part of its 2018 models.

The BMW scren shows the availbale garages, and its ParkNow service allows drivers to reserve a space ,if the garages has signed the service contract,pay through the car.some garages will allow drivers to use the mobilephone scan the barcode of the App,to open the barrier gate.
For the charging parking space with sensors, the car's navigation system will ask if you start to parking your car,once confirmation, parking charges will be paid on the screen.

Making it easier to find parking spots is not merely a matter of convenience for drivers, but a necessity for cars when they start doing the looking themselves.

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