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The Use of Automatic Barrier Gate

- Sep 04, 2017 -

With the progress of society and the improvement of science and technology, whether it is our life or work have undergone great changes, for example, many parking lots are achieved scientific and intelligent management, and automatic barrier gate as a management tool Played an important role. Do you know how the automatic barrier gate is working?
We usually in many occasions will see this automatic barrier gate, in addition to the parking lot door, there are cell door, highway import and export, etc., it is convenient in the vehicle management has a prominent effect, more occasions because of Automatic barrier settings and more orderly.
When the automatic barrier gate is in the working state, the brake control panel will be based on operating instructions to control the motor; in the control of the forward reversal, the motor will drive the relevant reducer, so that its input Shaft rotation; at the same time can also move the slowdown output shaft and drive the rocker in the latter half of 180 ° up and down rotation.

Automatic barrier gate.jpg

After receiving the instruction, the brake lever of the automatic barrier gate bar drives the spindle drive arm through the lower joint bearing, connecting rod, upper joint bearing and so on. It is driven by the spindle drive arm and connected with the spindle in the latter half of the range of 90º The brake lever moves up and down in the horizontal and vertical 90º range to complete the opening and closing of the barrier.
It is to be understood that the series of movements of the brake bar of the automatic barrier gate are in the vertical position Hall sensor to control it. And this important device is usually installed in the vertical barrier of the vertical magnet magnet induction bracket.
If you encounter a power outage situation, do not have to worry about automatic barrier gate can not use, just shake the handle through the rear of the small hole into the gate, so as to trap the manual input shaft, the same can shake the handle up.

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