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Unbelieving parking management way in foreign countries

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Big cities both at home and abroad have found kinds of ways to cope with "parking difficulties", such as developing parking lots and parking Spaces, and introducing parking fee policies or incentives.Yet some of the ways of management may seem outlandish at first, but they have been proved effective.
Paris France, Time-limit parking in city center
New buildings in Paris require a matching underground car park,each resident can get the parking space. In old town, more than 200 underground public parking lots are distributed reasonably,with obvious parking signs.Outside the main thoroughfare, the streets are lined with white lines for parking Spaces.These parking lots are managed by the Paris municipality, which has about 240,000 parking Spaces.There are auto  pay machine on the street, which can be paid by COINS or the parking card.
there is difference between pakring and stop if park in city center. for stop,drivers cannot leave out the car, it's short stay for passagers, for parking, drivers can leave the car for long time or the whole night. The street namepalte will show kinds of parking signs .
Seoul, South Korea: the stadium is a temporary parking lot.

Every four koreans have a car.According to statistics, the current parking facilities in Seoul can park less than 2 million vehicles, far from the 2.7 million registered vehicles.
The east gate stadium in Seoul is open for the public on days of no activity, easing the problem of lack the downtown parking lot. The city government plans to make part of the school playground as the parking lot, those people who live around the schoold can park there at night,weekend and vacations when there is no student in school.

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