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Understanding of parking pay stations do not stop charging technology

- Jul 03, 2017 -

In essence, the parking pay stations is one of the toll stations. So, what do we know about parking pay station? Here, immediately to give its specific answers, and to explain and thus have a preliminary understanding.

From the above, we know the parking pay station machines is one of the toll stations. Moreover, it is for a traffic facility, mainly to collect vehicle tolls and construction. From the current view, its work mode is the combination use of artificial charges and ETC technology. In order to improve the efficiency of motor vehicles.

1.ETC technology in parking pay stations

The ETC in the parking pay station, full name of which is for the non-stop electronic parking revenue systems, is mainly used for the vehicle with installation of the ETC vehicle-mounted , and it uses the electronic charge. In the current, it is also a more advanced way of road and bridge charges. Which is through the microwave dedicated short-range communication, and computer networking technology and bank background settlement processing of the three organic combination to achieve the purpose.

2.ETC applications

Automatic parking pay station, non-stop charging technology, which applies to the highway, or traffic is more busy in the bridge tunnel. And, depending on whether it has lane isolation, it can be divided into two-lane non-stop charging system and free flow non-stop charging system.

In addition, if you use this technology, it can bring some benefits. For example, reduce management costs, improve the operating efficiency of toll stations. And, the construction fee for parking lot pay stations can be effectively reduced and reduce the spaces of parking pay station.

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