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Unmanned parking lot—face recognition

- Apr 28, 2018 -

When drive into the parking lot, there is no kiosk cashier, no auto pay terminal, but the parking charge can be paid , convenient ? It’s the face recognition technology based Intelligent Parking Solution, which is introduced in Nanjing city.

Just like Alibaba’s “Unmanned Supermarket” which has been very hot recently, the complete set of parking solutions can also realize automatic identification and automatic payment. The difference is that the object is a car, not a person.

At present, there are some unattended self-service car parks in the country. Most of them use the license plate number recognition technology. However, this technology has some blind spots, such as encountering unlicensed cars, deck cars, and license plates that are stained or obstructed. It will be 'scratching',' In contrast, the Parking system which was the first to apply the current popular “face recognition” related technology to the field of automobile identification, based on the brand's color, Appearance shape, car accessories and other decorative objects as well as the driver's facial features to identify the vehicle, the accuracy can be increased from 95% -97% license plate recognition to 99.9%.

This parking solution only need to place a QR code at exit, the driver scans the code at the 1st time, then you can bind Alipay or WeChat payment. The next time you come back to the system, you will be automatically charged. You do not need to install the mobile phone app.

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