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VW tests automated parking system

- Apr 23, 2018 -

How to alleviate the stress of parking in congested areas, Volkswagen has taken things a step further. The automaker announced that it will begin trials for an automated parking system at Hamburg Airport in Germany.


The concept is as follows: the driver exits the vehicle, and the car takes care of the rest. Drivers simply book a parking spot at the airport via an app and leave their car at the parking garage's entrance. After exiting the car, the vehicle will search for a free parking space, or a charging station for an electric vehicle.

Pictorial markers guide the car in its self-driving mode to find a parking space and maneuver into the parking spot without damaging the car or its surroundings.

 When the driver arrives back at the airport, the app summons the car from its parking space text a quick message. No need to wait in line to pay the parking charge, either—that's done within the app.

Today's tests could pave the way for major changes in the future. Self-driving cars don't need nearly as much space as a human does inside a parking garage. Therefore, garages and parking lots could fit a greater amount of vehicles.

VW is also working to bring its first self-driving car to public roads in 2021.

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