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What are the benefits of parking ticket validator comparing with the manual ticket validation

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Since there has been a parking ticket dispenser, it is certainly necessary to have a parking ticket validator to match it to form parking management system. After the establishment of a similar device to achieve intelligent management, the management level of the parking lot has been significantly improved, making it more standardized, more convenient, more humanized.

The parking ticket validator usually is set up at the exit in the parking lot. It’s used to validate the ticket which is from the parking ticket dispenser to get the related vehicle information such as license plate, entry time, parking time and so on. Based on these information, to calculate the parking costs, to achieve the scientific parking management mode.

parking ticket validator

The parking tickets usually have different bar code. Through the barcode, parking ticket validator get the information to ensure the ticket can be only used under certain conditions. It effectively prevent duplication, forgery and other issues. The parking lot takes ticket validator instead of manual ticket validation, not only avoid the loopholes of traditional manual ticket validation, but also monitor the real-time traffic flow.

In addition to paper parking tickets, there are ID cards and magnetic cards and other parking tickets. Various type parking tickets have a corresponding parking ticket validator to verify it, which also fully illustrates the type of parking ticket validator  is full. It also has the functions with a large amount of data storage, high confidentiality, easy to save, the reader is highly versatile. Because of the advantages, the parking ticket validator is widely used in various types of car parks.

The parking ticket validator is not only make an accuracy recognition, but also recycle the parking ticket. It makes the material fully utilized and also can reduce the operating costs and won’t affect the environment. At present, the parking ticket validator has become one of the widely used facilities in the extensive parking system.

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