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What is The Development Trend of Intelligent Parkin Lot System?

- Jun 26, 2017 -

With the rapid economic development nowadays, the car has almost become a necessary travel tool for the family. At the same time, the major places of the parking system is constantly updated. In order to meet the requirements of more users, while users to bring more convenient services, in the future development of intelligent parking system will be more popular.

So, in the next period of time, you know the development trend of intelligent parking system is what? We specialize in the analysis for this problem. In general, it’s to gradually make progress to achieve networking data sharing, a variety of information comprehensive utilization, and ultimately the construction of a smart parking networking platform. Here we are from four aspects for everyone to introduce in detail.

The smart parking system should actually meet the first requirement is to achieve these fuctions:the parking lot parking guidance, parking guidance and reverse search etc. In fact, from the ongoing construction of the parking lot, the occupied space is growing, almost all in the thousands of parking spaces. Such a large parking lot if there is no guidance system to guide and find the car, but simply rely on the staff to work, then it is likely to bring a lot of problems and troubles.

The second one is to achieve as ‘Unmanned service’ as possible. To analyze from the experience of foreign development,people in the future will have higher and higher requirements of automation parking system. At the same time, with the domestic labor costs are rising, we should gradually improve the management system and reduce management personnel.

The third point should be met with the phone can be scheduled for parking, payment, search and other functions.

Finally, as the development process accelerates, we also know that cost of land use is getting higher and higher. So in the process to build the parking lot,more and more people will be tend to three-dimensional garage design.Therefore,in the establishment of intelligent parking system, it should also be considered whether adapt to such a parking lot.

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