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Wiicontrol Intelligent Parking Flap Locker

- Aug 28, 2017 -

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For new energy vehicles which are also called electric cars, it is not only more serious that urban electric car users are in lack of parking spaces at home, but also often under the situation of motor vehicle occupancy. In the process of the development of new cities, only if further protect the new energy electric vehicle parking resources and give priority to ensure that electric car users to install the charging pile, the electric car users can be protected from anxiety about "parking is difficult, difficult to charge". And also, the utilization rate of electric vehicles will be increasing rapidly and the exhaust emissions of motor vehicles are reduced and improve energy saving.
In the current intelligent parking management market, only 7% of parking lots realize the intelligent management that is mainly focused on the license plate number automatic identification and other conventional technical forms but not the actual intelligent interactive parking services relying on the Internet of things or mobile Internet platform and the client-side mobile phone application.
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Wiicontrol utilizes intelligent parking flap locker with mobile phone application to provide a new solution for "smart parking" service. The project, combining hardware products and mobile phone application, can effectively improve the parking utilization rate and save labor costs and finally achieve the improvement of parking lot revenue.
Mobile phone application support parking spaces reservation, payment business inquiries, etc., and offer the simple and clear interactive interface that is easy to operate. The main functions are as followed:
1) Parking spaces sharing: users can share the current parking spaces information at different time.    
2) Quick stops: as the information mentioned earlier to solve the problem of parking for owners. For example, when the owner plans to go to a hospital, through the APP, he will easily know the free parking spaces, and then make an appointment and pay the booking fee. Thus, the parking spaces are locked to ensure that the car owner can park immediately when he arrives in the lot and others cannot book the spaces until the car leaves after the payment.
3) The protection of new energy car parking space: for a similar charge pile which has an intent parking management needs, through the APP, the whole business process such as query, booking, protection, use, settlement and release, all can be realized.

Intelligent parking spaces control and parking efficiency improvement
The smart flap lockers, which sense the parking space occupancy and send the information to the operation platform, are installed in each parking space. Through the appropriate APP, the car owners can know beforehand whether there are available spaces in the parking lot. Afterwards, owners can book and lock the intended spaced. When owners arrive the lot, he can quick stop only if the APP is logged in and the bottom “Start”is clicked on.
The APP also can be used for intelligent parking payment. The whole process from spaces booking, protection, unlock to payment are all operated by mobile phone APP and ease the contradiction between the information of car owners and parking spaces to increase the parking efficiency and the use of parking frequency.

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Parking spaces reservation for handling the new energy car charging difficult
There are several situations in the process of the new energy vehicles charging. It is the core reason for difficult recharging that non-new energy vehicles occupy the parking spaces and new energy vehicles occupy the parking spaces but not to charge and the new energy cars are always in the spaces after the completion of the charge. The project can also achieve the charge pile booking, spaces unlocking and APP payment through a similar process. Meanwhile for "malicious" parking spaces occupied situation, intelligent control flap lockers can also lock the spaces by judging whether the car is charged or not.

Custom design and automatically upgrade
Parking lots set up a VIP parking area where the parking flap lockers are all started to lock the spaces. VIP users grasp the vacant spaces through the APP and reserve a space in advance and when they reach the lot, they can unlock the space by APP and stop directly.

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