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Barrier Gate Installation Process

- Nov 15, 2017 -

After choosing the suitable barrier gate, the user needs to consider how to install. The installation procedure is as below:

1. Horizontal: the barrier gate should be installed on the horizontal surface. If the road is uneven, it should be built a horizontal platform.

2. Test of loop detector coil: when connected to the line in the car parking management , you can test the coil before the coil buried in the underground. Te test way is to put the iron plate on the coil when the red light flashes. After the red light long flashes, take way the iron plate. And if the barrier gate automatically down, it means the barrier gate can work normal.

3. Install the loop detector coil: the coil is usually installed two pieces: one is front another is back. It is to cut a square hole with a depth of 10 cm, 640x960.8M( the four corners need to be 45 degrees) and then place 5 to 6 circles coil and then to compress. The coil is not allowed within the connector, damaged. After installation, seal it with dry cement.

4. Arm length: If you want to shorten the arm length of barrier gate, you should consider the balance and avoid the situation of overheating and damage reducer.

The barrier gate of car parking management is the final equipment for the user rights. If want to make the parking more convenient, it is necessary to improve the hardware of these parking facilities.

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