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Charge Control

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Charge control office equipment by the charge control computer, UPS, report printer, operating table, Import Manual button, export Manual button, voice prompts system, voice intercom system.

The operator is responsible for the management and charging of temporary cards, monthly rental cards and special cards through the charge control computer, which can reduce the recognition and reading time of vehicle models and license plates and improve the traffic flow rate of vehicles. Image contrast with the ID card with the use of completely to achieve the purpose of anti-theft car. In and out of the image archive, to eliminate the false lie free vehicles. "One car, one card": Closely control the behavior of cardholders entering and leaving the car park. , the access to the intelligent management, but also responsible for the report printer issued the corresponding control signal, while the completion of the yard data collection and download, query printing report, statistical analysis, system maintenance and monthly rental card release function.

Entrance manual button, exit Manual button

The main entrance gate of the intelligent control, can carry the brake, brake, stop three of functions. Voice prompts system, voice intercom system as long as the operator and the driver between the exchange and the price of friendly tips. To make the system's service function more comprehensive.

As early as 2004, the Bluetooth parking lot had already appeared in inland China. Bluetooth parking system, read card speed, read card distance, with good directional, read card distance can be controlled (1-5 meters, 5-10 meters, 10-20 meters adjustable). 10-60 km/h can not stop reading cards.

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