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Disadvantages Of Manual Charging

- Jul 02, 2018 -

There is a huge gap in the management level of domestic parking lots. Most parking lots generally use IC card and charging systems. This is a standardized and scientific parking management system. Some parking lots even uses ETC charging system. However, there are still some parking lots Using the primitive manual charges, and the number of those parking lots is still quite large.


there is a reason for the implementation of manual charges in parking lots. We don't need to investigate this aspect, but if you see the drawbacks of manual charging, and see the development trend of parking management, I believe you will also consider of upgrading parking charging system, So, what are the disadvantages of manual charging in parking lots?

1.    Parking lot operation efficiency is low. Because it is a manual charge, it is impossible for the toll collector to accurately record the parking time, especially for some parking lots with a lot of parking spaces. This will happen in the case that some vehicles only pay for a few hours and occupy the parking space. Moreover, the efficiency of workers' fees is low. One person can only manage about 30 parking spaces, which also affects the overall operation of the parking lot.

2.    Management confusion and disputes increase. Manual fees are not regulated or standardized by management, or they are not subject to the law, and they set standards by themselves and charge fees indiscriminately. On the other hand, the average owner does not have a deep memory of the parking time, and the time is recorded by the cashier, it may also cause quarrels and cause conflicts.

3.    The toll collectors use the loopholes to privately drive the parking fee. Since it is impossible to supervise the manual charging, the fee-collecting staff may confiscate the parking fees .For example, the fee-collecting staff may not invoice, thereby concealing income and misappropriating expenses. This phenomenon is more common, causing losses to the parking lot revenue.

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