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Distance Advantage

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Bluetooth products are light excitation, sleep wake, Bluetooth communication hi-tech crystallization

Up and down ramp, the entrance of the curve does not stop reading cards, to avoid the vehicle flameout, Banpo starting.

Not affected by vehicle protective film (such as riot film), applicable to all vehicles.

No parking, no window reading card; Bad weather the owner is no longer affected by the rain and snow outside the car window.

Do not stop reading cards, greatly improve traffic flow through the traffic peak no longer phenomenon.

There is no mutual interference between reader and writer (using advanced Bluetooth communication Technology and Code Division multiple Access), good directivity, effectively solve the problem of crosstalk between the left and right lane.

433MHZ frequency, no radiation damage to people.

Card stability, product anti-interference, and strong ability to resist the decline of other communications products (such as: mobile phones and other wireless communications products). Phone calls don't burn cards.

Wiegand 26 34, Rs232c 485 adaptive interface, with good scalability can be used in other parking lots, highways, long distance recognition field.

Fully compatible with existing IC card devices.

The parking lot can be divided into multiple partitions, allowing different numbers of Bluetooth cards to enter. Enhance the community image, make your property management different.

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