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Enjoy The Fun Faster With Mobile Parking

- Dec 22, 2017 -

There is parking news from Parking Today Media. It’s reported that Passport Canada APP makes parking payments easier on the go Windsor, Ontario (Dece 19,2017). There is a lot of celebration there this season. With the merriment of its anniversaries the city of Windsor takes another leap forward taking its citizens into the digital age of parking. At December 19, the city of Windsor announced that the passport Canada APP arrives its market. The APP allows for users to park using their mobile phone or smartphones at any of the 3.000 parking lots or spaces available in the city, 1,500 on-street parking spaces and 1,500 off-street parking spaces.
Drivers can download the APP and pay for parking on-the-go without having to worry about digging for coins or waiting in long lines at the pay station on a cold day. App users can also receive alerts and notifications about their parking sessions, and view all parking history on their phone. Many merchants will also offer parking validation codes available to its customers to make holiday shopping easier.
“The app will not replace cash transactions for parking, and those who want to pay for parking the conventional way will still be able to do so, the app is another option for drivers and one we feels more in keeping with the times, everyone seems to have a smartphone these days but not everyone has coins in their pocket.” From Bill Kralovensky, who is the city’s supervisor of parking enforcement..
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Passport is the industry’s leading mobile technology solution specializing in enterprise business applications and payments for the public and private sector. Passport’s product lines–parking payments, transit payments, enforcement and permit management–collectively serve to deliver dynamic tools for agencies to better connect with their communities. Its services have been adopted by over 400 agencies on over 3,000 locations globally.

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