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Entrance Section

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The entrance part mainly consists of the entrance ballot box (including inductive ID card reader, automatic card machine, vehicle sensor, voice prompting system, voice intercom system), automatic road brake, vehicle detection coil, entrance camera system and so on.

When the temporary car enters the parking lot, the system detects the vehicle, the voice prompts the driver to take the card, the Chinese character display screen automatically displays the remaining parking spaces in the yard, the driver presses, the ticket card inside the ballot box sends an ID card, transmits the card movement to the entrance ballot boxes out the card mouth, After the driver takes the card, the automatic road gate clears the vehicle, the image system automatically videotaping a vehicle into the computer, playing the welcome word and releasing the vehicle.

Monthly rental card vehicles into the car park, system testing and language prompts, the driver of the month to rent card in the Entrance box sensor area across the distance, judge the validity (month card use period, card class, card number legality), if effective, follow-up process with the temporary car.

When the special card vehicle enters the parking lot, the vehicle detects the car under the lane, and the entrance of the ballot box sounds prompting the driver to read the card. The driver passes the special card in the Entrance ticket box sensor area to pass, the entrance ballot box ID card reader reads the card the characteristic and the related information, judges its validity (refers to the special card use time limit, the card class, the card number legality), the follow-up process and the monthly car rental.

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