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License Plate & Alipay Bound Together

- Dec 15, 2017 -

On December 1, the “2017 Shenzhen intelligent traffic lecture hall” was held in the Shenzhen Civic Center Industrial Exhibition Hall. The conference focused on the topic of “ Artificial Intelligence and Video Analysis”,discussed the application of artificial intelligence in smart parking, artificial intelligence & big data and market prospects .
There is very classic project discussed again and again in the industry recently- Alipay used in Shanghai Hongqiao airport this March, where the entrance ANPR camera is installed. This project bind License plate and Alipay to finish no-sense payment. Vehicles drives past, the parking charge will be deducted directly from Alipay through License plate recognition ,no need to pay separately. This is a leap of the parking industry ,and an very important start for the unmanned parking lot.

2017 Shenzhen intelligent traffic lecture hall.jpg

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