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Main Equipment

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The parking lot Management system configuration includes the parking lot control machine, automatic spit card machine, remote control, long-distance card reader, sensor card (active card and passive card), automatic gate, vehicle sensor, sense coil, communication adapter, camera, transmission equipment, parking system management software. This system will help companies, government agencies and other internal vehicles and external vehicles in the modernization of the management, to strengthen the management of enterprises and enhance the company's image has a greater help.

Controller Introduction

Car park dedicated controller: Designed for the parking system independent development, four-layer board design, signal and power layer line, high integration, reliable, full-featured, rich interface, wide range of voltage adaptation, impulse shock, ensure the use of security and reliability, the entire surface patch production process, three treatment to protect the circuit board from the bad environment, very suitable for the use of the car park. Support a variety of Rs485 non-contact ID, IC card reader card, long distance active, passive card reader, compatible, and the market with a variety of gates with the use of. A piece of board can control one out, reduce wiring and the difficulty of construction with set the keyboard and LCD display, can independently set the operation control parameters, both offline and can be connected to the network. In the offline state without the need for computer and network dependencies, card authorization, loss, query, time setting management. In the machine state, through the management software, the realization of real-time monitoring, billing, reporting and other integrated management RS485 networking, the farthest distance up to 1500m, up to 99 sets of controller network management

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