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Main Functions

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Basic functions

Swipe (scan barcode ticket) Access

Hourly charges

Chinese (English) display

Voice prompts

The entrance to speak

Image contrast and real-time monitoring

Automatic swallow card, spit card

Anti-smashing car

License plate Recognition

Number of vacancies

Parking Guide

Advanced Features

Non-card management system

Mobile Phone card System

Regional Parking Guidance system

Anti-collision system

Auto-differentiated car pricing,

customizing system functionality. (Time zone difference charge, the peak does not drop the gate and so on)

Remote monitoring, control function.

Control vehicle access.

Record and limit parking time.

Prevent the staff from charging loopholes.

The parking space is limited to entry.

Single channel system can prevent traffic jam in the passageway.

To achieve Non-stop access

Full video Charging system

Car Parking Systems

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