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Main Functions And Electrical Characteristics Of Barrier Gates

- Jul 03, 2017 -

It can be used in different occasions, so in different occasions, there can be different names, such as parking barrier gates. It is necessary for us to need to have a certain understanding because of its widely used.

The car boom barriers gates is a device for intercepting and passing the vehicle by means of the remote controller. The barrier gate can be operated up, down and others to achieve its functions. If you want to have a good use, you can choose the barrier gates equipped with a display screen and bar lights and some other accessories.That’s more humanity.

1.Main functions

The barrier gate system main functions as below:

(1) You can achieve up,down and stop these operation through the manual button or wireless remote control. If power failure, you can also manually operate.

(2) The automatic barrier gate is easy to maintain and debug of "self-bolt pattern".And barrier also has an underlying control and status return command for the computer to control it.

(3) If necessary,can choose vehicle detecting device or other special functions.

2.The electrical characteristics of Car parking barrier gate

The electrical characteristics of the boom barrier gate is also important.

(1)Can be used Magnetic induction and Hall element to achieve the stroke control.Non-contact work can avoid both abrasion and offset.

(2)In the parking gate system, you can use the lifting time and motor overheating protection. And thus, to avoid the gate barrier of the abnormal damage.

(3)Its overall, you can use dual mechanical limit switch, so that you can achieve the total protection of the power cut. In addition, you can also use optoelectronic coupling, and zero-crossing conduction of these technologies, so that the work of parking barrier gate to become efficient ,safe and reliable.

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