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Mobile Payment Now Available In City Of Berkeley

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Berkeley parking.JPG

Now you can use your mobilephone to pay parking fees at parking meters or pay stations.

With mobile apps, users can register notices when the paid parking lot is about to expire. You can also add time and do not return to meter if the time limit is posted.

To create an account or start a parking session, please download the mobile app.

When finding parking spaces, users can enter corresponding area codes for parking spaces. Users enter the length of time they want, and confirm that their license plates and payment methods start the parking lot.

After the mobilephoe payment transaction is completed, the meter itself will not change the monitor. However, parking law enforcement officers can check the payment status of their wireless handheld devices, and will not cite vehicles that have paid using the mobile app.

The city uses all kinds of tools to make Berkeley more convenient. Projects like the full street project of Hearst avenue have made Berkeley's streets safer for all modes of travel, including walking, cycling, crossing and driving. 

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