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Park'n'Play Of The Copenhagen Harbour

- Dec 20, 2017 -

The traditional parking lot is always the place to parking the cars , there is no any relation with ordinary people's lives, but in JAJA Architects's opinions,who comes from Danish Architecture Firmt, the parking lot can also be an attractive public space via functional design.   

In the new development area Nordhavn in Copenhagen,Park'n'Play is not only the large parking house with 2400 square meters, but also multi-functional playground, it's the amazing view of the Copenhagen Harbour.

Outside of the parking house, Red concrete brick is used to echo the history of red brick buildings in port areas, it makes people feel warm & friendly. The structural grid is covered on building external wall,where the greenery across the entire façade   the task was to create an attractive green façade.


Inside the parking house, cars go up stairs along the ring road,The stairs’ handrails, which the architects call the “red thread” leads visitors up to the roof, and becomes a sculptural part of the architecture. The red thread forms the basis for many of the rooftop’s play structures, benches, and space-making features, eventually forming the second stair’s handrail, which leads visitors back down to street level.


A system of plant boxes is placed in a rhythm relating to the grid, which introduces a new scale while also distributing the greenery across the entire façade. The grid of plant boxes on the facade is then penetrated by two large public stairs, which have a continuous railing that becomes a fantastic playground on the rooftop. From being a mere railing it transforms to becoming swings, ball cages, jungle gyms and more. From street level, the railing literally takes the visitors by the hand; invite them on a trip to the rooftop landscape and amazing view of the Copenhagen Harbour.

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