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Parking Flap Locker Installed In Wuxi

- May 09, 2018 -


Center 66: 20 sets parking flap lock

Wuxi Second People's Hospital: 23 sets parking flap lock

Wuxi Hongshan Stone Park: 16 sets parking flap lock

Guangyi automobile accessories town: 79 sets parking flap lock under construction

Jiangyin South Zhongshan Rd: 13 sets parking flap lock (Pilot site)


In 2016, our company signed a cooperation project with the Liangxi District Government of Wuxi City to build an urban smart parking management platform, including a parking project for the Second People's Hospital and a parking project for a road section around the largest Hang Lung business district in Wuxi City. This section is also the first road to set up a public intelligent parking berth in Wuxi City.

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