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Parking System

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The parking lot management system is a network system which is based on computer, network equipment and lane management equipment to manage the parking lot vehicles, to guide the traffic flow in the field and to charge the parking fee. is a professional yard management company necessary tools. It records the vehicle entry and exit record, the location in the field, realizes the vehicle's movement and the vehicle's dynamic and static integrated management in the field. The system generally takes the RF induction card as the carrier, through the sensor card to record the vehicle access information, through the management software to complete the charging strategy realization, the Charge account management, the lane equipment control and so on function.

The lane control equipment is the key equipment of the parking system, the interface between the vehicle and the system, and also the key equipment to realize the friendly user experience. So many people directly understand the "lane control equipment" as "parking system", and many professional equipment providers confuse the two in the introductory materials. In fact, lane management equipment is only a modular unit of parking management system, there is an essential difference.

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