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Parking System Access Workflow

- Jun 13, 2017 -

When entering, the driver drove to the entrance control machine, if it is a fixed card user, directly swipe card can be in and out, for long-distance card, is to enter the range of Read card immediately read card, do not swipe. Fixed card read card, the system will determine whether there is a period of time, whether there is sufficient balance, and determine whether there is no parking in the interior of the record, if the above conditions, the opening release, otherwise the voice prompts do not release.

When entering, if it is a temporary card, the driver himself to take the card, the gate open, the traffic.

When the appearance, the fixed card, direct credit card in and out.

When appearing, the temporary card, the charge clerk charges, the opening release.

Whether the vehicle is in or out, the camera is kept as a record at the moment of opening the gate.

After the vehicle passes through the gate, the gate is automatically dropped.

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