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Quick And Easy With Parking Guidance Technology

- Jun 07, 2018 -

For many people, online shopping is a daily reality. The convenience of shopping within a few days and sending it to our doorstep makes our life easier. Grocery shopping may be more complicated. Perishable items, such as meat and dairy products, need to be refrigerated. If they stay outside for a long time, they can easily deteriorate. This means that customers need to be present at the time of delivery and may feel frustrated when unexpected delays occur.


HEB's roadside pick-up/delivery program provides customers with the convenience of ordering groceries online or by telephone, and can collect goods on the way home or at the most convenient time. However, this is a very popular plan and, like any situation involving large numbers of vehicles, the popularity may cause delays.


The decision to install a parking guidance system reflects HEB's commitment to providing superior customer service in stores and garages.


"It has achieved great success," said Derek Frantz, PGS business development manager. "Now traffic is free to enter and leave the garage, and customers can collect groceries without delay."


According to Frantz, customers simply drove to the open roadside delivery area and parked in the first available space. This triggers the sensor to change the light above the cradle from green to red, and also alerts in the transfer area. Then, the HEB staff delivers it in person and loads it into the vehicle.

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