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Shared Parking Space

- Jun 19, 2018 -

"Shared parking space" is the "common divisor" of parking resources.

Parking Difficult has become a common problem in cities. Of course, big cities are more seriously ill. In the parking contradiction, there is an absolute contradiction - the parking demand is far greater than the supply of parking space. For example, there are nearly 90 thousand gaps in the parking space of Xicheng District in Beijing, and there are relative contradictions, that is, some private parking spaces, special parking spaces, community parking spaces, and internal parking spaces of institutions units are limited in the process of use. The value of time and space is not fully released. When some owners are hard to find the parking space, even at the risk of being punished, there may be parking spaces in the vicinity of the car for a period of time. Of course, these parking spaces often have certain proprietary or internal properties, and generally do not give "outside". People who use the car outside the circle do not understand parking information.

In the city, the "shared parking space" model is carried out, the parking resources are integrated and integrated, some private parking spaces and the relative idle time use rights of the unit parking space are incorporated into the shared resources and open to the society, which will not prevent the use of the owner or the owner of the original parking space, but can change the space with time to integrate management and exchange. Space, make the limited parking space resources to get maximum utilization, make the parking demand and parking space supply more reasonable, more efficient docking, avoid waste of parking resources, bring convenience to other car owners.

"Shared parking space" is the "common divisor" of parking resources, which can increase the relative supply of urban parking spaces and alleviate parking conflicts. The emergence of "shared parking spaces" conforms to the needs of the masses, complies with the law of urban management, and complies with the law of development of shared economy. It is hoped that all places can actively study and explore the "shared parking" model, gradually push the "shared parking space" into the intelligent management track, and connect the real time information of the "shared parking space" with the related navigation APP, map or parking management system, and let the people know exactly which period of time "shared parking" can be used to realize the parking space. The "precise sharing" and "intelligent sharing" make the "common divisor" of parking resources become "the greatest common divisor".

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